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The 15th International Companion Animal Welfare Conference

The 15th International Companion Animal Welfare Conference (ICAWC 2013), hosted by Dogs Trust International, U.K.’s largest dog welfare charity, was held this week from 14-16 October in Barcelona, Spain.  Barcelona with its coastal location, Mediterranean climate and famous and unique contemporary art made it not … Continue reading

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Aequor Acreditation as Foreign Training Company

We are delighted to inform that the Dutch company Aequor, which is the Centre of Expertise for the Dutch food and environment sectors,  has nominated Aanifeira as a recognized foreign training company. With a validity until 9th September 2017, this recognition will allow … Continue reading

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41 Dogs Get a New Opportunity in Life

It was a proud day for Aanifeira yesterday when 41 dogs, the majority of them puppies and young dogs, were removed from the local pound, Canil Intermunicipal da Associação de Municípios das Terras de Santa Maria (CIAMTSM) and relocated into the shelter to 12 newly completed boxes – … Continue reading

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Catching Up with Old Friends

Today is ‘Happy 2nd Gotcha Day’ at the Dj-Imba household in France. Our favourite old podenga, Sonia, is celebrating two years of a relaxed and loving life at this wonderful animal rescue sanctuary and she and her family have been … Continue reading

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New Short Film on Aanifeira

A Portuguese company called Pixel, involved in the making of wedding and lifestyle videos, recently decided to offer their services free of charge to make a short film about Aanifeira’s work since 1999. We couldn’t help airing the short video for … Continue reading

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World Stray Animals Day – TODAY April 4th

We would, once again, like to draw everyone’s attention to the 3rd WORLD STRAY ANIMALS DAY which is TODAY April 4, a day when we should all show compassion, care and action for all stray dogs, stray cats, stray horses … Continue reading

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Aanifeira’s New Cattery Completed

It has been a long time wish of ours to have a spacious cattery where we could house adoptable street cats into an environment where they could feel comfortable, protected and cared for.  This day has finally come and we are delighted … Continue reading

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