Thank You’s, Gifts & Personal Gratifications

Noortje Veer, member of the public from Holland (here in Oct 2012) offering her services as an animal care volunteer.  Noortje is a talented artist painting in both acrylic and watercolours and she has produced some of her beautiful works in a postcard.  Noortje’s card can be viewed below.

Maria José Moura, a trained nurse, was a volunteer with Aanifeira until a few years ago where her work was invaluable in the early stages of her volunteer days treating animals in the street at our temporary clinic in a shipping container.  These were difficult times when Aanifeira had very little resources and her patience and care with the animals never went unnoticed.  Unfortunately, due to work commitments and much to her regret, she was forced to give up her Saturday volunteer with Aanifeira but her help on the side never ceased. Over the past years Maria José has very generously helped Aanifeira in many ways with donations for the dogs and her latest ‘gift’ to Aanifeira was a beautiful hand-embroided plaque which we have put up in our reception area of the clinic.

D. Sofia, Aanifeira member who wrote a beautiful letter to celebrate World Animal Day on October 4th, 2012, where she wrote about our ‘man’s best friend’ and the wonderful company they provide us.  Her words ‘they give us so much, yet ask so little’ ring true to the our hearts and she expressed her recent sorrow in losing one of her own elderly dogs but went on to adopt a female street dog called Matilde who keeps her other companion Pantufa company.  Thank you D. Sofia for your tender words in this touching letter to celebrate this special day.

Tulku Pema Wangyal Rinpoche, Buddhist master and representative of the Dalai Lama who recently visit Aanifeira’s shelter last July, sent his representative to Aanifeira on Dec 15th, 2012 with a very kind note and donation for the shelter animals.  The group were received by Aanifeira President, Victor Barros and given a complete tour of the shelter.  Our deepest thanks go to Tulku Pema Wangyal Rinpoche for remembering our shelter and its animals.

Colin & Sue Naughton – Aanifeira’s members stretch around the world and two of our members from Australia, Colin & Sue Naughton, recently adopted a beautiful dog calling him ‘Buddy, Fergus Naughton’.  Colin & Sue decided to share their new family friend with Aanifeira by including him in their 2012 Christmas card which can be viewed below.

Priyanka Mensinkai & Annie Thomson – Many veterinary students come to us as volunteers from around the world showing their strong commitment to animal welfare.  On a warmer note, lasting friendships are formed and we enjoy their company and their enthusiasm whilst they are here at the shelter and generally when they visit this country.  Priyanka and Annie came to us from Glasgow University in Scotland during August and September, 2013 and they, along with others, have left their mark and we decided to put up their simple yet positive thank you card which we appreciated in having.

Lisa Jochoms – From Holland this time, we received Lisa, a young Dutch veterinary student studying at Antwerp University in Belgium (August 2014).  Lisa had read of Aanifeira’s work and came up with an idea of how she could do some fundraising to help the shelter.  Before she came to Portugal, Lisa put her idea into action and cooked endless amounts of cupcakes of which she sold to friends and family.  In addition she asked all her friends on Facebook to donate to Aanifeira which they did and the total amount raised exceeded all her expectations!  Lisa surprised everyone at the end of her stay when she formally presented the grand sum of Euros 555 to Victor Barros, Aanifeira’s President. Her kind thought in not only wanting to volunteer her time at the veterinary clinic but also raise money for the shelter touched all our hearts and we are extremely grateful to her for this.  Lisa’s card together with a photo of Aanifeira staff can be seen below.

Emilia Piipponen  – From Finland via Scotland!   We don’t receive that many students from Finland but in this case Emilia has chosen Edinburgh University for her veterinary course and decided to gain some outside hands-on experience at a shelter.  She is also holding a part-time job at a boarding kennel and cattery where she is in charge of medications for the animals.  We really enjoyed her enthusiasm in choosing Aanifeira for her job experience and thank you for coming to us.  Her thank you card is below.


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