Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit organization with just over 300 abandoned dogs and a small number of cats in its care. With a no-kill policy everything is done to ensure that a dog or cat that is not adopted can live out its life in the best possible comfort at the shelter.

Aanifeira was officially founded on 7th December 1999.   Installations are located in Santa Maria da Feira in the north of Portugal (around 30 kms south of Porto) in what was once a disused cattle auction centre belonging to the local council.  Aanifeira was originally given the green light by the council to use this excellent area, rent free, for unwanted and abandoned dogs on the condition that all dogs caught by the pound, pertaining to two areas within the Santa Maria da Feira council, were taken in.   Conditions are basic with dogs kenneled in old cattle pens in a main pavilion holding in some cases 2 to 4 large dogs or slightly more for smaller dogs.

The association is governed by a small group of people freely voted in by members each year in January at an annual general meeting.  The majority of the group hold full-time jobs outside the voluntary work that is done for Aanifeira.  Positions held are President, Vice President, First Secretary and Second Secretary together with three other committee members all devoting their time to do their utmost that Aanifeira is kept maintained in the best possible standard.

The President, together with a site Manager, oversee the shelter handling all the day to day running.  Two people are also employed to clean and feed on a daily basis.   There is a veterinary clinic operating exclusively for Aanifeira’s members only with two full-time veterinarians on duty 6 days a week.  Vaccinations, neutering and other small general surgeries are performed when necessary.

A small group of outside volunteers with a love for animals come in, mainly on Saturdays, to help out with exercising, basic health check-ups and general duties around the shelter, as well as participating in fundraising events.


Our mission is to provide clean and safe surroundings for stray and abandoned dogs and cats with the care and attention that each animal deserves together with the necessary follow-up attention after an adoption has been made.  Although circumstances are difficult, it pledges to provide the resident dogs (those that are not adopted) with a life of the best comfort available for as long as they live.

We also pledge to enhance the human-animal bond and to teach and ensure that neutering/spaying is the foremost in animal welfare.

See our Powerpoint Presentation below


Contact Details:




Travessa das Bocas
Zona Industrial de Mosteirô
P-4520-409 Mosteirô, VFR
GPS Coordinates  –  40.898186,-8.538041

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