Aanifeira Veterinarian Sara Seeks New Horizons

Sara1We would like to announce that after spending two years working at our clinic, we were very sorry to see veterinarian Sara Latourrette leave Aanifeira at the end of May this year.  Sara took the decision to move on to embrace her career even further.

When Sara joined Aanifeira in April 2012 (read more here), her veterinary background had taken her both near and far.  She moved straight into working long hours at the clinic with a very busy timetable, alongside our other vet Claudia Valadares.  Together the girls made an enviable team in providing consultations, performing surgeries and treatments and handling emergencies on both members’ animals and the shelter animals.  All was done with poise, sympathy, professionalism and above all with compassion towards the animals that were treated.

Carlien group with Sara

Belgian Vet Students with Sara and Claudia – July 2014

In addition, together with Claudia, they received and help train the steady flow of veterinary student vets from around the world that we receive through our International Volunteer Internship scheme.   She not only was their teacher but their best friend, offering them advice, taking them out and ensuring that they enjoyed their stay whilst here in Portugal.

We had, of course, been very used to having Sara at our clinic but of course understand that she must take the step in the right direction that she thinks is best for her.  We will remember her for her huge smile and kind and gentle nature.

She has now taken up a position as head veterinarian at a new veterinary clinic not very far away from Aanifeira.  We feel sure that the experience she gained at our shelter clinic has improved her skills and enriched her background giving her the credentials to provide professional services to those who engage her in the future.

Sara we miss you and wish you the very best of luck for the future!  Good friends come and go but we always remain friends at Aanifeira.  Thank you from us all.

Sara2          Sara3

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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