41 Dogs Get a New Opportunity in Life

It was a proud day for Aanifeira yesterday when 41 dogs, the majority of them puppies and young dogs, were removed from the local pound, Canil Intermunicipal da Associação de Municípios das Terras de Santa Maria (CIAMTSM) and relocated into the shelter to 12 newly completed boxes – a continuation of the Brigitte Bardot Sector (completed in July 2011).

The local pound, CIAMTSM, works in rescuing and taking in unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats from 5 different town councils in the north of Portugal – Arouca, Oliveira de Azeméis, Santa Maria da Feira, São João da Madeira e Vale de Cambra covering a total area of 859 m2.   They work tirelessly in coping with the never-ending tidal wave of forgotten, ignored and ill-treated animals that roam the streets and in particular taking in pregnant bitches who then will often give birth in the pound.

Caring for lactating bitches and puppies brings increased pressure on all the CIAMTSM’s resources and Aanifeira has been attempting to help out by taking in, from time to time, some of these animals when a box at the shelter becomes available.  The CIAMTSM also have their own very successful adoption and placement scheme in practice which allows many animals a new opportunity in life.

DSC05769Aanifeira’s greatest wish has been to create enough space with comfortable boxes to be able to work with the CIAMTSM in taking in some of its more vulnerable animals.   Last week this became possible when 12 new boxes, which were the result of a lot of hard work and fundraising from all parts, were completed along the same lines in a continuation of the 13 boxes making up part of the Brigitte Bardot Sector.  With spaciousness in both an undercover and outside area and viewing windows for visitors, these boxes are easy to clean and maintain.  With a huge sense of satisfaction, Aanifeira’s President, Victor Barros, was able to go to the pound yesterday to collect the 41 new residents and bring them to their new home.

Yesterday was check-in for the newcomers and today has been very busy for the veterinary team, Claudia Valadares and Sara Latourrette, plus animal nursing assistant Kelly and four volunteer 3rd year veterinary students here on a two week internship from Glasgow University, with giving each animal a name (so important!), complete health check-up and follow-up information or medication as necessary.  Spaying, neutering, deworming, vaccinations, special diets are just some of what these dogs will be requiring over the coming weeks.  We can hardly wait for possible future adoptees to see these animals.

Lindsey & Emily from Glasgow University with Kelly, Aanifeira's Animal Nursing Assistant do the firt check-ups

Lindsey & Emily from Glasgow University with Kelly, Aanifeira’s Animal Nursing Assistant doing the first check-ups

Get s sneak preview of the new residents taken today.

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Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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    Parabéns! Que maravilha!!!

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    Parabéns! Continuem com o vosso excelente trabalho 🙂 Bjs a todos e festinhas aos nossos amiguinhos 😉

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