It’s Moments Like These ….

It’s moments like these that make us just so happy!   Aanifeira’s volunteers not only willingly come and offer their help and services to the shelter but sometimes there is an added bonus!

Mascha with an Aanifeira dog
Mascha with an Aanifeira dog

Mascha, a Dutch vet, who was here in April & May of last year, fell in love with one of our blind dogs called Tuka taking her back to Holland with her. Tuka’s story has been showcased on the blog with wonderful photos received from Mascha.  Sadly however, Tuka recently passed away, through natural causes, leaving Mascha and her family very empty of a senior canine member.  She got in touch with us remembering that there was another senior dog that she had loved to take for walks whilst she was here and that she couldn’t quite remember his name but that it was something along the lines of Jocko!!

We traced the dog, his name is Yoko, sent photos of him to Mascha and she was thrilled to know that he was fine and, although a senior, still in good health.  She asked immediately if she could adopt him and our hearts went out to her for giving him an opportunity of finishing his life in the comfort of a home.  No one was absolutely sure as to how long Yoko had been at the shelter as records were never quite accurate, but it did seem that he had been there for many years and had lived with another female dog as his shelter companion.

Yoko1       Yoko7

Mascha was very anxious to receive Yoko in Holland get him settled in as soon as possible so contact was made through a transport agency to have him picked up.  After spending a couple of days in the south of Portugal he flew to Holland accompanied by a young lady, where Mascha was waiting for him at the airport.

We are happy to report that all Yoko wanted to do on his first day there was to walk and walk, after which he chose Mascha’s sofa as his resting place!  He has a friend called Rocky and they have bonded beautifully.  His whole new life is spent on a farm walking through  fields, enjoying the lakes and making friends.  Thank you Mascha for giving our dear Yoko a chance to have a wonderful life with you and your family.

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Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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