Seniors’ Week at Aanifeira

It was a busy week at Aanifeira this week along with the normal day-to-day running of the shelter and veterinary clinic, there were several adoptions plus one new canine member to the shelter.

Last Tuesday vet Claudia arrived at the shelter to open up, to find a beautiful elderly basset hound sitting on a rug at the front door!   It was sad to see her left in this state, although she was not thin and had been reasonably well cared for, it was obvious she had been used for continuous breeding and had come to a stage when the owners had decided to flagrantly discard her without a second thought!

Basset Hound Dama

Basset Hound Dama

Claudia quickly picked her up and took her in the warm infirmary, settling into a bed with food and water.   Dama as she has been baptized is a senior dog and after a veterinary checkup it was found that she has a gastric problem and therefore needs a special diet.

Cases of abandonment like this are frequent to Aanifeira and it puts more pressure on the shelter as we know nothing about her and therefore need to keep her separate from other dogs for several weeks to access her situation.  So far however, Dama has proved to be very quiet and well behaved and enjoys just lying in her bed watching everything going on around her.   An animal like this does not give any work at all and one wonders what goes on in people’s minds to drop an animal off like a piece of rubbish on someone else’s doorstep!

With one senior dog coming in, we were delighted to see another senior dog being adopted out to a new home.  Scarface as he was appropriately named for his looks, black face and brown body, has been living at the shelter for several years and we would estimate that he is around 7/8 years old.



It’s not everyday that people come in looking for an adult/senior dog but yesterday I took a couple around the shelter and they immediately fell in love with Scarface not only for his cute face but also for the fact he would stand on his hind legs holding up his two front paws begging to people as they walked by!

Paulo attending new Adoptees

Paulo attending new Adoptees

Whilst Paulo, Aanifeira’s General Manager, looked after the paperwork with the new owners, Scarface was given a good groom by two Dutch Animal Care interns, Suzanne & Nicky, before getting a veterinary checkup and having his first canine vaccination, microchip and being dewormed.

Scarfaces new owners with vet Claudia   Scarface being groomed by Animal Care Interns, Suzanne & Nicky

The owners will be bringing Scarface, now renamed Billy during the adoption process, into the clinic from time to time for follow-up vaccinations as well as keeping a tab on his health.

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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