Aanifeira Gets a New Face Thanks to GIRO 2012

Last Friday October 19th, Aanifeira was very privileged to be associated with the 7th edition of G.I.R.O. 2012.   G.I.R.O. – GRACE, Intervir, Recuperar, Organizar is the largest corporate volunteer initiative in Portugal with the participation of more than 600 volunteers from member companies of GRACE – Grupo de Reflexão e Apoio à Cidadania Empresarial.

GRACE was formed on 25 February 2000 by a group of companies, mainly multinationals, which have, as a common denominator, an interest in furthering the role of the business sector in social development.  GRACE, a non-profit Portuguese association, is a pioneer in this field dedicated to issues of corporate social responsibility and counts on the following companies:-

AdvanceCare, Alcatel, Target, ANA Airports, BP, BSD, Daniel Benoliel, DHL, Edifer, Ecoprogresso, EPUL, Essilor Portugal, Eurest, Fagor, FilmBrokers, FLAD, PT Foundation, Galp, Auchan, Group CH, Pestana Group H Tecnic, Hill & Knowlton, IBM, Indesit, Jones LangLaSalle, JWT, Clockwork Orange, Linklaters, Lusitania, Miranda, Correia, Amendoeira & Associates, Mobility Positive Montepio, NYSE Euronext, Pfizer, PwC, Ritz FourSeasons, RZK, SAP, Servilusa, SIPRP, SoundStation, Unicer and Xerox.

In an initiative to support a solidarity cause, employees and business heads exchanged their workplace for a day of volunteering and October 19th was dedicated to northern Portugal with Aanifeira being chosen as one of the non-profit associations needing help.  The group of 30 volunteers arrived at 08H30 and after a small briefing from G.I.R.O. organizers, Victor Barros, Aanifeira’s President, took the group on a tour of the installations so that the group could see how this project would help the shelter’s progress in having a new face!

Following this, with everyone in good spirits, work got underway which included a variety of tasks from painting the front wall, front entrance gates, veterinary clinic and interior spaces, to cleaning the front street area making it more presentable.

In addition through the kind generosity of some of the companies supporting GRACE, the paint for the entire surfaces was supplied to Aanifeira free of charge, along with lunch and refreshments throughout the day for all volunteers!

At the close of the day, G.I.R.O. organizers kindly presented a plaque to Aanifeira which has been put in the reception area for all to see.

G.I.R.O. Plaque

Victor Barros presented all volunteers with a ‘Diploma’ thanking them for their participation in this important day for the shelter.  Our sincerest and heartfelt thanks go out to G.I.R.O. and GRACE for making this day happen and to all the volunteers who so kindly exchanged their desks for paintbrushes and garden tools to help Portuguese animal welfare.

Local press and media around the country covered this initiative as per below:-

Ver Portugal



Agencia Financeira

Impulso Positivo

Slideshow below shows the progression of work throughout the day.

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About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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