Animal Medical Care Foundation taken over by Animal Foundation Platform

Since 2008, Aanifeira has had the wonderful support of the Animal Medical Care Foundation (AMCF) in the form of donations of medicines and equipment for our veterinary clinic, very successful real life and virtual adoptions and as well the close friendship of two people behind the whole organisation, Betty Heideman, AMCF Founder and Sylvie Hood, member of the Board.

Last month we received a letter from Betty explaining that due to a lack of donors and volunteers and with more and more shelters seeking help from the AMCF that it was proving very difficult to keep running the foundation.  She decided to approach the Animal Foundation Platform (AFP) to see if they would be interested in a possible fusion with another organisation and to her surprise and joy, the AFP decided to take over the AMCF.

From March 1st, 2012, the AMCF has officially merged with the AFP and AMCF board members are convinced that much more can be achieved with this take over.

Betty and Sylvie will always remain very dear to us with their adoptions of two beautiful dogs from Aanifeira:

Sonia (right) on the couch in France

Sonia (read full story on link) – an elderly podengo living in a corridor at the shelter. Betty has a passion for Podengos/Podencos and Greyhounds (galgos) and came over personally to pick up Sonia and give her new life in her old age.  Today, Sonia lives with a large family of galgos and podengos in France where she can stretch her legs or just sit by the fireside at leisure.

Sunny (read full story on link) – a small dog dumped at the shelter door inside a box with one eye hanging out and the other blind.  He was operated on and lived at the shelter for several months until Sylvie fell for him when he was put up on the AMCF’s Virtual Adoption Project.  He went to live with her and her family in France where he has adapted beautifully to his new life and family.

Many of our dogs and cats were put up on the Virtual Adoption Project and donors gave generously to help our animals in need.  One case in particular that started with a donation and ended with an adoption in Switzerland was Lady May.  Lady May was an elderly dog dumped in a rubbish tip close to the shelter and from the day she was discovered there and for over the next two years or so till her passing away in January of this year, she had the care and attention of a truly caring and loving family who did everything in their power to ensure she had the very best.

Donation AMCF July 2011 with Kitty Spandauw_Utrech University Intern

Many an animal at the shelter has had a better chance in life with all the medication and other equipment that was received in a parcel from the AMCF.  I can still remember receiving the packages at the shelter and undoing them all to see what we had received and finding an array of different medications, etc that were so badly needed by our clinic in those early days.  Many of our volunteer international vet students kindly posed beside the items in photos sent back to the AMCF.

It is these memories that we will always have of the AMCF and that we SHALL NEVER FORGET.   Our deepest thanks go out to Betty and Sylvie and the rest of the Board members for working tirelessly to ensure that Aanifeira and other needy shelters around the world received their packages on a regular basis and most importantly remembering that animals could be saved with a small gift package!  We are so much in debt to you!

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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  1. Thank you for this wonderfull article. It was with pleasure that we have helped Aanifeira and being able to actually see and meet the people and the shelter in 2011 is something I will always cherish. Sonia is one of our sweethearts and we will def keep in touch with you! Love Betty and Sonia

  2. Aanifeira says:

    We THANK YOU Betty for all you have done!

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