A Tribute to Lady May, Sadly Missed – Never Forgotten

Yesterday, we at Aanifeira, received the very sad news that Lady May had passed away at her home in Switzerland.

To refresh your memory, little Lady May came into all our lives in early 2010 when she was found dumped in a rubbish pile close by to the shelter.  We knew nothing of her past and it was purely a stroke a luck that she was found by a volunteer passing by.

Check-in at Aanifeira, awaiting check-up

I shall never forget her forlorn little face on that very first day as she lay in the little bed that we had made up for her.  My heart went out to that little face that expressed a life of hardship and extreme difficulty especially when we saw just how big the mammary hernia was that had grown under her tummy and which would have caused her endless discomfort.   As an aged senior dog with a heavily matted and bedraggled coat, enlarged heart, rotting teeth, (the list goes on) this little girl had it all and those eyes couldn’t hide it but there was unmistakenly a sign of strength in her look.

From the moment that she entered into the shelter however this little dog, proved against all odds, that she had the stamina and willpower to get through two major operations including tooth removal to make a full recovery and have the wonderful opportunity of being able to share the last years of her life to their fullest with two extraordinary people who cherished her dearly to the end.

Strangely enough she ended up giving more to us that we can ever imagine.  Finding and rescuing an animal that is in any form of distress can be the most rewarding and heartfelt gesture that any person can do.   To watch them flourish and improve on a daily basis is even more heartwarming and inspiring.

Relaxing in Jackie's kitchen

I had the privilege of having Lady May at my home over a weekend to ensure that she got her medication and to give her a break from staying at the shelter.    And YES it was a privilege as, since the day that I met her,  she enriched my life and opened my eyes on senior dog behaviour and how they coped with difficult circumstances such as these.

Lady May shared almost two years of her life with the two people who adored her the most and gave her the treatment that she wouldn’t never have seen in her earlier years.  The very special care, kindness and especially love they gave her throughout these two years turned a small and frail little creature into a glowing, good spirited and bouncy little dog with black-button eyes that shone with mischief.  You wouldn’t have even guessed that she had suffered any hardship or had been illtreated and finally discarded away like a piece of rubbish.

She touched the lives of all of those who cared for her along her journey and her passing has left an huge emptiness in everyone’s life and heart, especially her owners.   She is a guiding light for everyone in this world that hardship will set us back but if we have the willpower and stamina we can survive.

As her owner put it “Please remember Lady May as she was, stunningly beautiful, with incredible strength of character and a heart of pure gold”.

Lady May – sadly missed, never forgotten.

(Lady May’s stories can be read on Link 1 & Link 2)

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6 Responses to A Tribute to Lady May, Sadly Missed – Never Forgotten

  1. Barbara Zach-Miller says:

    Our beloved Lady May is honoured to have been the subject of this truly magnificent tribute! She will always be in our hearts, her loving foster family, and will always be loved. Farewell, my precious little one, you will continue to brighten our days beyond the rainbow.
    Barbara, Stefan, Nonesuch, Baxter, Dancer and Nela in Switzerland

    • Aanifeira says:

      You are most welcome Barbara. You did all in your power to give her the very best in life for which WE AT AANIFEIRA would like to THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

  2. Aw, Lady May was beautiful! (((Hugs))) to her family for making the last of her life so wonderful.

    • Barbara Zach-Miller says:

      Yes, she was a magnificently beautiful dog – both inside and out. Thank you for the hugs and kind remarks!

  3. rumpydog says:

    Rest in peace Lady May

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