A Saturday Full of Surprises

Celebrating Aanifeira’s 12th Birthday

Aanifeira’s staff and volunteers received a great surprise last Saturday morning when member D. Rosa very kindly dropped in a beautiful birthday cake to celebrate Aanifeira’s 12th anniversary on December 7th.   D. Rosa had obviously gone to a lot of trouble in making this beautiful cake in shape of a bone covered with a fondant icing.  She hadn’t missed a trick when she added a little fondant dog and cat and, to add to this, a very realistic fondant fish skeleton!

Thank you to D. Rosa for your kindness, we thoroughly enjoyed the cake – it was delicious!

Marie has a new home in Holland

Another fantastic surprise on this same day was when Dutch volunteer veterinary intern, Wendy Roomer, decided to adopt one of Aanifeira’s beautiful black cats called Marie.  Wendy had been doing a 2 week internship with Aanifeira when she fell in love with little Marie who had recently been found abandoned.  Wendy already has several animals at home in Holland including another black cat but she couldn’t resist Marie.   Saturday was her last day at the Aanifeira clinic where she had an extremely full morning treating various hospitalized animals before quickly changing clothes, packing up Marie and getting a lift to the airport with Andrea (Aanifeira’s volunteer camera girl) to catch her flight home to Holland.

Thank you Wendy for giving a new home to little Marie, we hope you will both be very happy together!

Long time resident Avia gets a second chance

Our third surprise on this same Saturday, was when one of our long time resident dogs, Avia, was chosen for adoption by a very caring lady called Paula.  Paula and her family had recently suffered the loss of one of their dear pets so she came to Aanifeira looking for a new friend to fill the gap.  Avia has been a resident at Aanifeira for several years now and she quivered with happiness and expectation sitting beside Paula in the Aanifeira clinic waiting room whilst waiting for her  check-up and vaccinations.  We look forward to seeing Avia and Paula on their regular visits to the clinic.

Thank you Paula for giving Avia a second chance in life, she deserves it so much and we really appreciate this!

Duque, the gentle giant, was back

Last but not least, we were delighted to see Duque, the 50 kg gentle giant, back at the Aanifeira clinic for his vaccinations.  This time Duque’s ‘Mum’ & ‘Dad’ came along with him and once again his patience in waiting for his turn to see the vet was just amazing.  Nothing hassled him, not even Avia’s nervousness whilst she waited for her turn beside him.  This gentle giant is an example of just how calm senior dogs can be.

Good to see you again Duque!

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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