Four Great Success Stories to “Bark” About

We are always pleased to have news of Aanifeira animals that have been adopted and would like to share four beautiful success stories that are really worth BARKING about!

LADY MAYSenior dog found abandoned in miserable state on a rubbish tip.  Gently nursed back to health at Aanifeira under the watchful eye of a special sponsor in Switzerland who closely followed her progress right from day one!   Eventually adopted by her sponsor and now living happily in a wonderful environment with other rescued dogs in Switzerland.

MURI – Born in a field into a group of 10 puppies.  Muri’s start to life began living in a hole that she shared with her extremely protective mother Madalena and 9 siblings.  Winning over Madalena and arranging homes for the 10 puppies was challenging to say the least.  This was a special case which required a lot of patience but which paid off in the long run with all puppies finding homes including Mum Madalena who was adopted in Germany.  Today Muri lives happily in Porto in a wonderful home with the companionship of a beautiful baby!

GIPSY –  One of 5 puppies abandoned at Aanifeira’s door all of which contracted Canine Parvovirus.   A highly contagious and deadly virus for young puppies which has an 80% fatalilty rate.  Complete isolation from other animals and is of the utmost importance together with extensive hospitalization and medication.  Aanifeira’s vets Claudia and Joana together with foreign intern vets worked tirelessly to save these animals from close death.   Fortunately all were adopted out into excellent homes and today Gipsy has the run of a large garden and a caring young owner keeping a watchful eye over her.

ELIZABETH – Abandoned one day at Aanifeira’s front gate.  Love at first sight could only be said for this beautiful dog and her owner.  Elizabeth was baptized by a Dutch intern vet doing volunteer work at the shelter at the time.  Although the vet stayed only one week, she immediately fell in love with Elizabeth and pledged to take her back to Holland with her.   She kept her promise and soon after flew back to Portugal to pick her up.   During her short stay at Aanifeira, Elizabeth was greatly admired by all visitors but we were so happy that a volunteer vet who only came for a very short period to help us out should find her true companion animal forever.  Today Elizabeth lives in Holland sharing her home with another four legged friend.

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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