Senior Day at Aanifeira

Guria Goes to a New Home

Today at Aanifeira, one of our older dogs had the good fortune to get adopted by a wonderful lady called Sandra who came to the shelter, with her small son Antonio, looking for a smallish but adult dog for an apartment.  Sandra had made the decision to choose an adult dog instead of a puppy knowing that puppies require training and more time invested in them than an adult dog.

Sandra and Antonio were shown around the shelter by volunteer Natália Canhola (Nat to us!) to make their choice and after a tough decision (with so many animals in need of a home), they chose Guria a beautiful female with a longish grey coat and the cutest face!

The adoption process at Aanifeira is quite rigorous in that a volunteer or staff member will firstly interview the adoptee to ascertain what sort of dog they are looking for together with trying to see in what conditions the animal will be kept in.  Nat was responsible for this and once the choice had been made, paperwork needed to be filled in to formalize the adoption.  Two sets of paperwork need to be filled, one a questionnaire about all aspects of caring, quality of life, etc and the other an Adoption Agreement Form giving full details of the name and contact of the adoptee as well as the details of the animal in question.  This last Adoption Agreement Form is then signed by both parties – Aanifeira and the Adoptee and the process is complete.

Two adoption fees exist:

  • Dogs under six months of age – Euros 80 which includes microchip, first vaccination, deworming and spaying or neutering;
  • Dogs over six months of age – Euros 30 which includes microchip, first vaccination and deworming.

Guria was given a good brushing down by Dutch animal care volunteers and then had a health check-up by vet Claudia who put in her microchip, gave her the first vaccination and dewormed her.  Sandra who lives in the vicinity of Santa Maria da Feira has become a member and will be able to bring Guria into the clinic when necessary.

With all the formalities over it was finally time to go home.  Wearing her new collar and leash, Guria was lead outside but was reluctant to leave the shelter that she had known and had been her home for so many years.  Nat gently carried her outside to Sandra’s car and they drove away.  We will be looking forward to seeing Guria back for her annual checkups and vaccinations.  Thank you Sandra for giving this beautiful dog a new opportunity in life.

Duque, The 50 kg Giant

We don’t have many dogs weighing into the 50 kg bracket but when Duque, the 10-year-old Rottweiller, came into the Aanifeira clinic today with his petit owner Luciana and went onto the scale, we couldn’t believe our eyes.   He weighed in at just over 50 kgs!

Duque is quite senior boy and in good health.  His magnificent head and face are huge and he has the gentlest look in his eye.  He is well-known to be the absolute gentle giant and let everyone pat him which he just loves!

Luciana’s husband is in fact Duque’s real owner and carer but today, as her husband was working, she bought him in.  He never ceases to attract all sorts of attention with some people extremely hesitant to pat or approach him and others, who obviously know him, pouring all the attention on him.  Luciana is quick to point out that he wouldn’t hurt a fly and encourages people to pat him.

Duque was checked by Claudia and all was OK and I couldn’t resist getting a photo of them together.

Our paths cross many times with senior dogs and they always reward us with their devotion and love whilst they are in our care.  Senior dogs always deserve a second chance, so if you are thinking of adopting a dog, think twice, and look into taking in an adult or senior.  You’ll never look back and you’ll wish you’d done it earlier!

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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