Merial Pharmaceutics Launches Joint Vaccination Campaign “One for All” in Portugal

Aanifeira is very proud to announce its partnership with Merial Portugal (U.S. based),  global veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory and world leader in pharmaceuticals and vaccines for pets when, on July 27th, Merial presented to the Portuguese public, a joint vaccination campaign “One for All” (“Um para Todos”).   This campaign is aimed at alerting the population to the importance of vaccinating dogs and cats as a way of preventing many serious diseases some of which are fatal to pets.

With this campaign, Merial plans to donate about 5% of vaccine doses administered to dogs and cats in the Veterinary Medical Assistance Centers (VMAC’s) adherents to this cause, to five associations that support and protect animals in need.

Owners of dogs and cats who would like to join this cause need only to go to veterinary clinics and hospitals that have adhered to this campaign and that carry the logo “One for All” and vaccinate their pets against the deadly diseases such as distemper, rabies, hepatitis and others.

The campaign  “One for All” plans to donate around 4,500 doses of vaccines to the following organizations that support animals in need which includes Aanifeira along with four other associations also working for the same cause: Animais da Rua, Bianca, MIDAS and UPPA. The vaccines donated through this vaccination campaign, will be administered to animals by the veterinary surgeons from those associations, during the year of 2012.

Dogs and cats that are vaccinated in this solidarity vaccination campaign “One for All” will, at the time of their vaccination, receive a sticker saying “Animal Solidarity” for placement in their vaccination book.  Together with this they will receive a “One for All” membership card with the electronic campaign address on where they can follow the development of the project.

“We would like to see a real change in the attitude and behaviour of people towards their companion animals (dogs and cats) in what concerns vaccinations.  Even with the country’s economic difficulties it is important not to try and save money in disease prevention, especially with regard to cats since it is a very common misconception that by being an inside animal they are less vulnerable to the spread of certain diseases.   On the other hand, this project arose from a social concern of the rising annual number of abandoned animals in this country, particularly in the summer time and neglect is a factor for the spread of diseases that can be transmitted to humans”, says Pedro Fábrica, Veterinarian and Director of Marketing of Merial in Portugal.

Diogo Valsassina, Nuno Távora, Quimbé, Ricardo Carriço and Maria Duarte

Noted Portuguese public figures, such as Maria Duarte, Adelaide de Sousa, Diogo Valsassina, Nuno Távora, Quimbé, Rui Pêgo and Ricardo Carriço immediately accepted in joining this project.   In addition to protecting their own pets from fatal diseases which are preventable through vaccinations, they did not hesitate to “sponsor” the vaccination of some needy animals at these associations. 

Aanifeira is extremely proud to be involved with Merial Portugal on this project in drawing public awareness to health issues with companion animals as well as ensuring that yet more animals in Portugal receive the proper health care that they deserve.  Our very grateful thanks to all those concerned at Merial.  

Portuguese press coverage on this campaign launch can be viewed on the following links below: 

Portuguese television station PORTO CANAL:



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