Lucky in Life

Lucky in life?  He certainly is now!  This is the story of Lucky the injured black cat, found by myself, about 4 weeks ago.

Driving to work one morning on a perfectly normal day, I couldn’t help but notice a black cat lying on the footpath close to my home, just looking around at the cars and people passing by him.  I thought this was a strange place for a cat to be just openly lying in a busy area so I went to investigate.

To my surprise, when I got closer, I saw that the cat had a crushed bloodied right paw with some bones showing.  I quickly grabbed a large cloth from the back of my car and gently placed it over him to pick him up.  He was extremely nervous, spitting at me at first but then relented and let me calmly place him in a carrying box for animals that I fortunately had in my car at the time.   It struck me with annoyance and revolt at the time, that no one even had a second thought to see what this animal had or to at least try and give it some help.

I made my way hastily to Aanifeira where our vets Claudia and Joana were able to examine him.  Being a week day, I had to leave him and get to work but I knew he was in very capable hands.  The girls baptised him Lucky but his prognosis was unfortunately not the most promising and it would seem that he had been hit by car totally crushing his paw and the only solution was to amputate his front right leg.  He also had a nasty open wound on his back left leg which was treatable.

The operation was planned for the next day and the vets did a wonderful job of keeping Lucky’s pain at bay and ensuring that he was comfortable in the period leading up to the operation.    After the operation was over, I received a telephone call from them to say that all had gone extremely well and that he was now comfortable and relaxed. 

From the first moment that Lucky was taken in, we discovered that this beautiful black cat was an amazingly friendly and affectionate animal just loving to be picked up and cuddled at any time, even during treatments.  This isn’t always the case with street cats and it was a bonus for us in ensuring he was treated properly.

Lucky’s progress was very positive and on my Saturdays when I would go to Aanifeira to do my volunteer work, I looked forward to seeing him and checking on this progress and of course giving him lots of cuddles.  His scars and wounds healed very quickly and he very quickly adapted to his new life on three legs.  It never ceases to amaze us as to just how quickly an animal can adapt to its disability.

It was on one of these Saturdays quite recently, that we received a visit from a couple who are great contributors to Aanifeira.  We were looking at all the animals when they saw Lucky and immediately decided that they would like to adopt him.  We were absolutely delighted with this idea as he would need a special home with special people to look after him so this was the perfect match!

Working with disabled animals at Aanifeira is very rewarding and we find that there are some wonderful people around who are willing to take in an animal with special needs.  Once again Aanifeira has been the platform for these special needs animals from start – with veterinary care and follow-up, to finish – successful adoptions for disabled animals.  Lucky joins our list of disabled animals, along with Tuka, Brica and Sunny in yet another happy ending.

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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