Aanifeira Celebrates Conclusion of Second Construction Phase

Dra. Rosa Maria Albernaz, Dr. Emidio Sousa, Victor Barros

Aanifeira celebrated a very special occasion yesterday, July 16th at 11.00 a.m., when it opened its doors to Dr. Emidio Sousa, Vice President of the Santa Maria da Feira Municipal Council, Dra. Rosa Maria Albernaz, Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party, members and fosterers to inaugurate the conclusion of the Second Phase of work at the shelter, which included not only reconstruction of some areas at the shelter but also the new Brigitte Bardot Sector boxes.

In September 2006 Aanifeira completed the First Phase of work in building a brand new block of kennels which now houses animals that had been previously kept in deplorable conditions.   This new block of kennels, paved the way for the Second Construction Phase but due to the chaotic situation that the shelter was in at the time and to avoid putting the sustainability of the association at any risk, several strategies were established over the next two and half years.

With the plan for the Second Phase in mind and to avoid heavy costs, which as a non-profit association Aanifeira could not afford, contacts both nationally and internationally, were perseveringly made by the Aanifeira Management Team in finding backing for this project which was needed in the form of monetary funding, building materials, etc.  

Conceição & Angela Quaresma, Dra. Rosa Maria Albernaz, Dr. Emidio Sousa, Victor Barros

Through all this hard work, a large amount of materials were donated through the kind generosity of members and fosters, as well as companies such as: Cinca, Magrés, Cifial, Heliroma, Conduril, Neuce, Osnofa, J. Silva Moreira e Irmãos, Lda., the foundation – Fundação Jacqueline Dias de Sousa and a close friend and member of Aanifeira, Patricia Andrade.

Victor Barros, Dra. Rosa Maria Albernaz, Dr. Emidio Sousa, Jackie Dias

Contacts internationally brought the only direct financial funding for the project and this came from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation (BBF) in France.  Through early contacts with the BBF, they expressed deep concern for the animals housed in the second corridor in the pavilion as they had no access to natural sunlight.   This argument formed the basis of the funding approval and the BBF stepped in with an extremely generous donation.  A block of 13 brand new kennels was built to especially house these animals which Aanifeira has proudly named the “BRIGITTE BARDOT SECTOR”.  The design of these new kennels will be used as a blueprint for future kennels constructed at the shelter.    

After two and half years, January 2009 to June 2011, yesterday, July 16th, was a culmination of all this work and Victor Barros and his team were extremely proud to show the guests the new construction as well as the reconverted areas relating to the Second Phase which included:-

  • Pavement of the area in front of the pavilion and at the base of the amphitheatre
  • Veterinary services
  • Hospital care room
  • Administrative services area
  • Reception
  • Support areas which included:  food storage room, toilet and shower facilities, staff room, volunteers’ room, third veterinarian consultation room
  • Conference and meeting area
  • Brigitte Bardot Foundation Sector – 13 kennels
  • New drains

Total cost Phase Two  – Euros 40.162,50

Total number of hours worked on Phase Two  –  5.500 out of which 2.150 were voluntary.

Phase Three will be getting underway very soon with the removal of the old asbestos roof from the second corridor area to allow natural sunlight to get in, together with reconstructing the blocks of kennels in the first and third corridors to allow each to have a an outside area.  Aanifeira will be work along the same lines that Phase Two was done, in procuring funding and materials to finance this large project.  

Aanifeira would like to extend its deepest thanks to all those who contributed to this Second Phase – members and fosterers, local companies, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for their very generous donation,  the Fundação Jacqueline Dias de Sousa.  Without you all we could never have achieved what have today, we appreciate your trust in us and for being there when we needed you.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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