The Role of Members

Aanifeira has just over 1200 Members who play an important role in the income of a non-profit shelter such as ours. 

We are extremely proud of our Members, who come from near and far (Europe and even Australia!) and their spirit and trust in our association to care for our own animals as well as theirs is very rewarding for us.

Our small veterinary clinic is open exclusively for Aanifeira’s Members with our own two veterinarians working full time in giving them the help and assistance they need for their animals.  Members are often greeted in foreign languages; English and Dutch, when they walk into the consultation room, as we are very fortunate to receive 4th-6th Year Veterinary university students from Holland, England, Scotland and Australia who come to do a volunteer internship with us working under the guidance of our own vets. 

Quite often there is an exchange of conversation in a foreign language with lots of laughter when Members are confronted with smiling student vets keen to check out an animal and give their opinion on a clinical case.  

Saturdays in general can be very hectic as many Members will bring in their animals for check-ups, vaccinations and other consultations and their spirit and understanding of our situation is superb.  Many will bring in donations of dry dog and cat food, tinned food for animals, cat sand, items for selling in our stalls at summer fairs or simply leave a monetary donation all of which we are extremely grateful to them for as every little bit helps.

Some bring along friends and relatives to also become a Member, adopt an animal or to see if they can visit the facility.   All of this contact helps spread the word that Aanifeira is doing a good job and is working hard to save and care for animals.

Our low annual membership fee of Euros 15, together with special prices in force at the veterinary clinic, allows them the opportunity to maintain their pet in a healthy state at an affordable rate.  

Ready to go!

The majority of Members bring their pets in the normal form of transport – a car, but two members shine out as different from the rest.  They come on their motorbike with their two dogs tucked in between them and their dogs don’t even bat an eyelid!  It is a delight to have two young Members such as these who really care and love their pets and who are willing to get them to Aanifeira in whatever it takes.

To all our Members, it is our pleasure to have you with us and we hope to serve you in the best way possible for the future.  Our deepest thanks go out to you all for joining us in our work with animal welfare.  

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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