Tita, in from the cold!

Tita's paw position

The latest resident at Aanifeira was bought by a member just over a week and half ago who had found this little white young female cat with a disfigured paw living around rubbish bins.

TITA as she was affectionately named (derived from the Portuguese word ‘gaTita’ meaning little female cat), was extremely thin and her front right paw, although appearing normal, would bend inwards forming a small cup and therefore force her to walk on the upper part of her paw.  In turn, where all her weight was supported, a large callous had formed and the hardship she must have endured in getting around and foraging for food would have been extremely difficult.

Having this abnormality would have been an inconvenience to whoever had had her so abandonment was the easy way out and what could be more easier than dumping her beside some rubbish bins where people would most likely see her and give her food!  The cool callousness of abandoning an animal in this state seems unbelievable in this day and age but it is incredibly common in Portugal and with what we face every day.

Tita saying hello

Tita was accepted with open arms as we could not bear to see her living on the streets in this disabled state.  Vet Claudia was also concerned that being a white cat and living outside that she would also be susceptible to skin cancer which is quite common here in Portugal so yet another reason to get her indoors.

After Claudia’s first analysis of the situation, x-rays of her paw were taken and the bone structure in her leg showed perfectly normal yet for some reason the paw had begun bending inwards and probably from quite a young age.

Following a thorough second analysis of the situation, Claudia has made the difficult decision to amputate her leg which will enable her to get around easier on three legs.  This will be done in the near future.

Tita is currently housed in Aanifeira’s small cattery area located in a separate pavilion to the dogs and is now enjoying life with a warm bed, food and water.  She is blossoming into an amazing little cat with a sharp eye for playfulness yet so friendly.

We will be looking for a special person to adopt her with an understanding of an animal’s disability.

We’ll keep you posted on Tita’s operation and how it goes, as well as her future!

About Aanifeira

Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira is a non-profit/ no-kill organization with around 400 abandoned dogs and a small amount of cats in its care.
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